Shequila Bingo // The Shed // 31.07.2021
19:00 to 23:00 - July 31, 2021
The Shed, 5 Yeoman Street, Leicester, LE1 1UT

Remember when we did Tequila Bingo in the before?
No us neither, but we have photographic evidence that it was fun.

So we wanted to bring back those notes of carefree pre pandemic times, but with even MORE shenanigans.


It’s not just tequila now. It’s a Russian roulette of rewards (aka misc shots & ‘prizes’)

On Saturday 31st July, join us from 7:30pm until 10:30pm as we embark on the funnest bingo experience ever (probably) before ending the night on the most intense game of musical chairs as bingo descends into Ambush.

(If you’re already in the venue for Shequila Bingo you’ll get auto free entry to Ambush, regardless the outcome of musical chairs)

Just like regular bingo, you’ll be given a game card and items will be called out. You get a row, you get a reward. You get a Z, you get a reward. You get a full house we will give you A PRIZE!

We’re aiming to play 3 rounds of bingo. Maybe 4 if time allows.

ADVANCE TICKETS are £12 per person and this includes your first 12 rewards. You can redeem further rewards at the bar on the night if you’re feeling lucky.

If you want to sit together, buy your tickets together in bulk at the same time.

If someone left you out and you want to join a table, then make sure you email us and let us know the name of the leader booker who’s table you would like to join. Or we’ll match you with some new pals.